4 Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil

4 Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil

What are the advantages of high mileage? A common question when considering an oil change. High mileage is beneficial because it extends the life of the engine by reducing the wear and tear of your transmission and engine mounts. The advantages of high mileage oil can be listed in order of importance:


* Improves fuel economy: Because you are driving a smoother vehicle with fewer restrictions on your driving habits, you will get better gas mileage. Also, because oil lubricates the engine, you will notice a decrease in your engine’s wear and tear, extending the life of both your engine and transmission. High mileage oil also works as an effective multivitamins, restoring old worn out engine parts and preventing future wear and tear. When the seal coatings in high mileage oil improve and rejuvenate internal seals, little oil seeps from the engine. This is beneficial to the environment because it reduces the amount of oil that would normally leak from the engine and therefore reduces the amount of fuel used, reducing pollution.

Sludge is the black dirt

* Reduces sludge in engines: With low sludge motors, your engines burn less fuel, res

High Mileage Oil

ulting in lower emissions. In addition, high mileage oils eliminate most if not all of the sludge that you would normally find in older types of engine. Sludge is the black dirt that is often found in older engines that run on low performance fuels. This sludge causes oil to build up inside the engine that causes the engine to work harder to maintain cool temperatures and maintain power. This causes wear and tear on the drive train and leads to a breakdown of the drive train. By replacing your oil with a high performance type, you will notice a decrease in breakdowns and an increase in fuel economy.


* Prevents Catastrophic Engine Injuries: As stated above, high mileage oils prevent oil buildup in the motor by preventing sludge. However, they do not prevent catastrophic engine injuries that occur when older engines hit dirt. Older motors tend to “wet-fire” and sometimes explode, as well as being structurally unstable and prone to damage. This instability can cause serious bodily injury and even death. Therefore, these oils significantly decrease the risk of catastrophic engine injuries and fatalities, making them a very important product for fleet managers and drivers.


* Boosts Vehicle Fuel efficiency: As the world’s population becomes more aware of the importance of conserving energy, vehicles are also becoming more fuel efficient. Many people have learned that the best way to do this is to regularly use diesel in their vehicles. However, when you are on extreme temperatures, it can be difficult to get enough fuel to get your vehicle to the destination that you want it at. When you install a high performance synthetic oil that offers reliable benefits such as increased fuel efficiency, you will find that you will save a lot of money on fuel while driving to work, school, or wherever you need to go.


* Improves Your Service Life: No matter how good your transmission is or how efficient your engine is, if you have a leak or a clogged filter, your car or truck will not perform to its fullest potential. These types of issues can cause your car to break down, experience unnecessary wear and tear, or even experience extended service life. Synthetic oils feature the highest level of lubrication and durable fluid that offers exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures. Therefore, your car or truck will run longer than ever before, offering you a more reliable service than ever before.

disadvantages of conventional oils

* Increases Safety: One of the most common disadvantages of conventional oils is that they often contain chemicals and toxins that increase the toxicity of emissions released from vehicles. This includes everything from acid rain to smog to exhaust from inefficient engines. These harmful toxins and chemicals released into the air are not only unhealthy and dangerous for your health; they are also illegal. When you use high mileage oil in your vehicle, you will notice that the level of toxins released are much lower. Furthermore, synthetic oils typically perform at their most efficient levels under extreme conditions, offering you the safest possible drive and the best protection from impairment and accident damage.


All in all, there are a number of reasons why it is absolutely imperative that you find the best oil for your vehicle. In addition to the many advantages listed above, synthetic motor oil performs better than conventional and will save you a significant amount of money on gas. This oil is also far safer for you and the environment when compared with conventional oil. Finally, it is far more affordable. In short, this type of oil is an absolute must-have for anyone looking to improve their vehicle’s fuel economy and safety. Now you can see why it is so important to use the best oil available.