Senior Safety Technician Job Qatar

Job Purpose

  • Support the achievement of Incident & Injury Free work place for Company and Contractor workforce in an assigned area of responsibility. 

Job Context & Major Challenge(s) – I

  • Supports Company pillar of Safety Health and Environmental Performance.
  • Operates in a plant environment to protect employees & contractors  and company assets.  

Key Job Accountabilities – I

  • Ensure regular inspection, testing of fixed and portable safety and equipment within assigned area of responsibility in order to ensure safe operational status and readiness for use.
  • Complete surveys, inspections, PTW audits and prepare detailed reports in the assigned area of responsibility.
  • Conduct safety assessment of operations, maintenance and construction activities in order to ensure full compliance with stipulated conditions and requirements of safety procedures.
  • Maintain effective interactions with operational staff through work and training activities in order to promote safety awareness and encourage the adoption of safer work practices.
  • Assist and participates in conducting of emergency exercises in order to develop and enhance individual and team response capabilities.

Key Job Accountabilities – II

  • Conduct compliance assessments against Safety procedure requirements in the assigned area of responsibility.
  • Conduct safety awareness sessions and defined trainings for personnel in the assigned area.
  • Supervise contracted Safety Technicians ensuring that they provide their services according contract requirements and in compliance with QG Standards.
  •  Participate and contribute to JSA, Hazard Hunts and Safety walks.


  • Completion of Secondary School education followed by vocational training program with 4 years’ experience as Technician in Oil & Gas or relevant industry.

Knowledge and/or Experience – I

  • 4 years’ experience in oil and gas  or relevant industry
  • Understanding of Safety requirements, controls and practices used in the industry.
  • Understanding of Hierarchy of controls, Hazard Identification and Basic Risk assessment process.
Senior Safety Technician Job Qatar
Senior Safety Technician Job Qatar