Subsea 7 offshore Jobs

Subsea 7’s offshore operations span five decades, successfully completing over 1000+ projects. 

Working in all water depths across all energy hubs, our engineering expertise, alliances and specialist technologies enable us to engage early so that our multi-disciplinary teams can design and deliver the solutions that our clients want.

We have a strong track record of safe and reliable delivery. Our reputation as a collaborative service provider in long-lasting client relationships makes us one of the most trusted contractors in our market which includes oil and gas and renewable energy.

A career you can be proud of

We’re 10,000+ people strong in 33 countries. We create sustainable value by being the industry’s partner of choice in delivering solutions the world needs. That’s thanks to our people, their incredible ambition and tireless determination.

Onshore or offshore, you’ll embark on a journey of opportunities and continuous learning and development, where you’ll be empowered to explore new ideas, take ownership of your career and meet your full potential.

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Senior Estimating Engineer                                                                   France

Bespoke Tooling Design Engineer                                                       USA

Project Cost Controller                                                                          UK, France

GPC&AP Tender Engineering Lead                                                      UK, France

Hydrodynamics and CFD Engineer                                                       France

Tendering Engineer/Commercial Lead                                               France

Accountant                                                                                               Singapore

Commercial Graduate Programme                                                     France

Lead Planning Engineer                                                                         France

Country Finance Lead                                                                            Nigeria

Project Manager / Tender Lead                                                           UAE

Master (with Jack Up experience)                                                       Offshore Global

Graduate Engineer- Installation                                                           Singapore

Accountant                                                                                               Egypt

Project Structure Design Engineer                                                       France

Supply Chain Management Specialist                                                 Australia

Project Engineering Manager (PEM)                                                   UK, France

Project Control Manager                                                                      UAE

Senior Supply Chain Engineer for Fabrication – F/M/NB                France

Senior Chartering Coordinator                                                             France

Vessel Superintendent                                                                           The Netherlands

ROV Pilot Technician                                                                              Offshore Global

Associate Surveyor                                                                                 Offshore Global

Associate Survey Technician                                                                 Offshore Global

Senior Project Engineer                                                                         Mexico

Senior Supply Chain Engineer for Umbilicals, Cables, and Flexibles – F/M/NB          UK, France

HSEQ Graduate                                                                                        Norway

Pipeline Group Package Lead / Manager                                           UK, France

Data Processor                                                                                        Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, UK, USA

Graduate Development Programme – Commercial                         Norway

Logistics Lead                                                                                          Turkey

GPC & AP Subcontracts Specialist                                                        France

Senior / Lead Riser Engineer                                                                 UK

Lead Engineer- Installation                                                                   Singapore, UAE

Senior Installation Engineer                                                                  Singapore, UAE

Pre-Commissioning Engineer                                                               Singapore, UAE

Designer/Draftsman                                                                               Singapore, UAE

Senior Designer/Draftsman                                                                  Singapore, UAE

Finance Manager                                                                                    Turkey

Project Installation Engineer                                                                Singapore, UAE

Er du vår nye lærling i industrimekanikerfaget?                               Norway

Document Controller                                                                             Norway, Germany, The Netherlands

Tender Manager                                                                                     Norway, Denmark

Chartering and Marine Specialist                                                         USA

Principal Engineer- Design & Analysis                                                 Singapore, UAE

Marine Assistant                                                                                     UAE

Naval Architect or Senior Naval Architect                                         UK

Project Administrator                                                                             Norway

Recruiter                                                                                                   UK

Cost Estimator                                                                                         The Netherlands

Principal Pipeline Engineer                                                                    Mexico

Senior Pipeline Engineer                                                                        Mexico

Senior Installation Analysis Engineer                                                  Mexico

Senior Structural Engineer                                                                    Mexico

Principal Structural Engineer                                                                Mexico

Principal Designer                                                                                   Mexico

Pipeline Design Engineer                                                                       Singapore, UAE

Principal Installation Analysis Engineer                                              Mexico

EOI Supply Chain Management and Procurement Specialist         Australia

Learning and Development Advisor                                                    UK

Subsea7 Engineering Internship – Summer 2023                              UK

Pre-Commissioning Deputy Discipline Manager                               UK

Survey Technician                                                                                   Offshore Global

Survey Party Chief                                                                                   Offshore Global

Surveyor                                                                                                    Offshore Global

HSE Site Advisor                                                                                      Taiwan

Senior HR Advisor                                                                                   UK

Project Lead Cost Controller                                                                UK

Senior Project Cost Controller                                                             UK, France

Operation Engineer                                                                                Saudi Arabia

Field Engineers – FID                                                                               The Netherlands

Field Engineers – FID                                                                               UK

Project Controller                                                                                   UK

Project Manager Mooring                                                                    USA

HR Analyst                                                                                                Norway

Equipment Engineer                                                                               The Netherlands

CPS (Cable Protection System) Project Engineer                              Norway

Project Quality Advisor                                                                          UK

INTERNSHIP: Optimization of coupled Riser systems – F/M/NB   France

INTERNSHIP : Deepwater gas lift requirements impacts – F/M/NB               France

GOM Contracts Specialist                                                                     Mexico

Deputy Project Engineering Discipline Manager                              USA

Quality Control Supervisor                                                                    Saudi Arabia

Electrician                                                                                                 Offshore Global

CPS Project Engineer                                                                              UK

Vessel Superintendent                                                                           UK

Project Cost Controller                                                                          USA

Senior/Lead Engineer – Floating wind Power Cable Package Engineer        France

Project Engineering Manager – Cable and Foundation Installation Fixed Offshore Wind       The Netherlands

Project Engineering Manager – Cable and Foundation Installation Fixed Offshore Wind                                                                                                                    Germany

Solutions Engineer                                                                                  UK, Norway, Europe

Administrator – Document Control                                                     UK

Document Controller                                                                             UK

Vessel Accountant                                                                                  UK

Specialist Engineer Technical – Electrical & Instrumentation        Norway, The Netherlands

Project Services Manager                                                                     UK, France

Contracts Administrator/Senior Contracts Administrator              Taiwan

Senior Buyer                                                                                             The Netherlands

Test & Termination Supervisor                                                             Offshore Global

HSE Engineer                                                                                            Norway, Germany, The Netherlands

Graduate Finance Development Programme 2023                          UK

Quality Engineer                                                                                      Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark

Environmental Advisor                                                                           UK

Senior Project Quality Advisor                                                              UK

Senior Project Quality Advisor                                                              The Netherlands

Project Surveyor/Snr. Project Surveyor – Renewables                    UK, The Netherlands

Project Surveyor / Snr Project Surveyor – UKGIRM                          UK, Norway

Subsea7 Conversion Programme (Engineering, Supply Chain, Operations, Project Services, Quality Performance)                                                                             UK, France

Dive Equipment Technician                                                                   UK

Senior Project Surveyor                                                                         Australia

Data Engineer                                                                                          UK

Fracture & Fatigue Engineer                                                                 UK

Stress Analysis Engineer                                                                        UK

Business Analyst                                                                                      UK

Associate Project Planner                                                                     UK

Tendering Coordinator                                                                          UK

Project HSE Advisor                                                                                USA

HSEQ Advisor                                                                                           USA

EXPERT PAYROLL ADMINISTRATOR F/M/NB                                    France

PAYROLL ADMINISTRATOR CONFIRMED F/M/NB                           France

Mooring Project Engineer II                                                                 USA

Logistics & Materials Coordinator                                                      USA

Project Expeditor                                                                                    USA

Project SCM Specialist                                                                           USA

Offshore Surveyor                                                                                  USA

ROV Tooling Technician (Offshore)                                                     USA

ROV Submersible Technician                                                                USA

ROV Supervisor                                                                                        USA

Graduate Engineer Development Scheme (GEDS) 2023                  Norway

Rigid Riser Engineer                                                                                Malaysia

Subsea Umbilical Engineer                                                                    Malaysia

Senior/Lead Pipeline Analysis Engineer                                              Malaysia

Project Engineer LI/LII Pipeline Installation Analysis Engineer      Malaysia

Installation Analysis Engineer                                                               Portugal

TRAINEE: Installation Methods Engineer F/M/NB                           France

INTERNSHIP – Data Scientist Supply Chain Management F/H/NB  France

Project Quality Manager                                                                       France

Project Services Manager                                                                     France

Contracts Manager                                                                                UAE

INTERNSHIP – HSE Engineer                                                                  France

Senior Document Controller                                                                 France

Commercial Graduate                                                                            Malaysia

Senior Supply Chain Chartering Specialist                                          UAE

Engineering Quality and Compliance Manager                                France, Portugal

Market Analyst & Business Planner                                                     France

Project Engineering Manager – AMEC                                                France

Lead Discipline Structural Design & Piping                                         Portugal

Project Engineer                                                                                      Malaysia

Senior Accountant                                                                                  Malaysia

Associate Project Engineering Manager                                            France

Project SCM Manager                                                                            Portugal

Pipeline Analysus Deputy Team Lead (PG)                                         Malaysia

CAE Support Engineer                                                                            Malaysia

Cost Controller                                                                                        France

TRAINEE : AMEC – Installation Methods Engineer – F/M/NB         France

Senior Project Engineer                                                                         USA

Project Quality Manager                                                                       Portugal

Project Manager                                                                                     France

Project Manager                                                                                     Portugal

Engineering Conversion Programme                                                  Portugal

Flexible Pipe Engineer                                                                            Malaysia

Senior Structural Engineer                                                                    Portugal

Plant Maintenance Engineer                                                                France

Civil Works Engineer                                                                              France

Project Fabrication Engineer                                                                France

Deputy Quality Control Manager                                                        France

Factory Acceptance Testing Engineer                                                France

Welding Superintendent                                                                        France

Installation Methods Senior Engineer                                                UK

Senior Planning Engineer                                                                       France

Senior Document Controller                                                                 France

Finance Controller                                                                                  France

Supply Chain Tender Coordinator                                                        France

GPC&AP Cost Control Manager                                                           UK

Cathodic Protection Engineer                                                              USA

Senior Pre-Commissioning Engineer                                                   USA

INTERNSHIP – Fabrication Engineer- F/M/NB                                   France

Project Engineer I                                                                                   USA

Project Engineer II                                                                                  USA

Junior Construction Superintendent (expat assignment Angola)  Angola, France

Senior Buyer                                                                                             France

Senior Installation Methods Engineer                                                Portugal

Planning Engineer                                                                                   Portugal

Field Development Study Manager                                                     UK, France

Lead Installation Methods Engineer                                                   France

Senior Installation Methods Engineer                                                France

Interface Manager                                                                                 France

Vessels / Marine Assurance Engineer                                                 France

Project Fabrication Manager (expat assignment Angola)              Angola, France

SCM Engineer                                                                                          Portugal

Yard Methods Engineer (expat assignment Angola)                        Angola, France

Project Operations Manager                                                                Saudi Arabia

SURF Package Manager – Landfall, Onshore, and Commissioning France

SURF Package Manager – Subsea                                                       France

Offshore Personnel Logistician / Visa Coordinator                         France

Tendering Assistant                                                                                France

Secretary (Project Assistant)                                                                 Portugal

Senior Project HSE Advisor                                                                    France

Industrial and Project Risk Engineer                                                    France

Project Cost Controller                                                                          Singapore

Associate Project Engineering Manager                                            Portugal

Associate Offshore Surveyor                                                                USA

Subsea 7 offshore Jobs
Subsea 7 offshore Jobs