UAE Petroleum vacancies

We have the following positions and the deadline is 11 MAY 2021


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Job Role
Coordinator, Barge Maintenance
Engineer Maintenance AMS
Engineer, Barge Maintenance
Engineer, Condition Monitoring (Technical)
Engineer, Construction
Engineer, HSE
Engineer, I-C Maintenance (F&G Ctrl. Sys.)
Engineer, Peroleum
Engineer, Planning (Interface)
Engineer, Reservoir
Engineer,I-C Maintenance (Package Ctrl.Sys.)
Officer, Fire Service
Operator (ACPT)
Operator (Oil & Gas)
Operator (Satellite)
Operator (WHPT)
Operator (WHPT-Integrity Works)
Operator (WIP)
Operator, (GTP/CSP)
Operator, (WHPT)
Operator, Utilities
Senior Engineer, Petroleum
Senior Engineer, Planning (Construction)
Senior Engineer, Reservoir
Senior Operator (Barge)
Senior Operator (Data Gathering)
Senior Operator (Oil & Gas)
Senior Operator (PGP)
Senior Operator (Well Pad)
Senior Operator (WHPT)
Senior Operator, Panel (IFCC)
Senior Operator, Utilities
Senior Reservoir Engineer